The Royal Pioneer Corps of drums was reborn thanks to two old pals 12 months ago and has just had its 1st Birthday. 



THE CORPS of drums reborn

About 12 months ago when two old Royal Pioneer Corps of Drums bands members who hadn't seen each other for 30 years joined Facebook and got in contact. In which they soon decided to meet in Northampton. One of them brought a Drum and Bugle and soon learned they could both still play.There they talked about the possibility of tracking down some of the old Corps of drums members. It was a couple of weeks later at the Northampton Branch Reunion, taking place at a rugby club that one of the pals brought his drum along in the boot of his car. After a few drinks it was decided that the drum needed to come in and be played. It was at this point the pals mentioned to three Royal Pioneer Corps old comrades of there plan to reform the Corps of Drums for this year's reunion. They all thought it was a great idea and showed much support. After gaining support from the Corps Association a plan was made
and an old comrade would sort out a possible training day at his rugby club.The pals set about trying to track down drummers, then started to find instruments to play. They contacted the association to see if they could try track down some of the old bandsman. He contacted several on there behalf and left messages for them to contact them. It soon became obvious that everyone concerned thought this was a fantastic idea. Then one of the old comrades' confirmed the availability of the rugby club for the reformed drums to have a
practice session and the pals posted the details on Facebook. At this point one of the pals emailed one of the old drum major's to ask if he would consider being the Drum Major again, and contacted everyone who had an interest. The first practice was a great success. The second practice was organized and the rest as they say is history. It is now 2013 and the Corps performed at the Corps Reunion weekend and it was a great success, I am just one of members of the reborn Corps of Drums and very proud of it.