This page is dedicated to Family we never understood but yet loved and missed, Family that Died before we were born those we never new and those we were told about William Henry Mansell was born on February 5th 1889 to George Haoartio and Ida Florence Mansell in the Hope and Anchor Inn which was in Navigation street Birmingham, the inn has long since gone making way for New street train station. William Henry at the age of 12 years in 1901 was living as a boarder in186 Sherlock street Birmingham working for a living and paying for his keep, his Father Sister and Brother were living the same area but not with him not as a Family we wonder why did this short of thing happen, William went into the Army at the age of 16 years he completed 22years coming out in 1927. His war diary tells us what his life was like in the First World War and what he went through from 1914 to 1918. William never spoke about his life in the army or the war; it wasn't until we found his diary that we knew what he went through. William Henry past away September 29th 1964.









From here I was sent with sapper Mitchell and two native linemen into the trenches with the 2/3 Ghurkha Rifles, it was bitter cold snow lay on the ground, our dugout was none too good, the melted snow came pouring in, was well under rifle fire here. Here I made the acquaintance of the 'pipsqueak' one of the Germans shells, didn't care much for this young fellow.


December 14th 1914

Had the trouble of going out to repair my line. Had gone about 1000 yards when I had the experience of being sniped at, fired 3 rounds at me but I disappeared into a ditch, got back safe but next time tried a different course.


December 25th 1914

Still in the trenches, Germans (6th Saxons) came halfway towards our trenches, us going towards theirs, exchanged gifts of different xams cheer, not a round was fired either side this day.


March 9th 1915

( One of NUEVE - CHAPPELLE) went out at 4:50 am in the morning to make myself sure of the ground I was to occupy on the night with my telephone, found the place alright, on testing my lines, could only get communication through one wire, my officer said he would go back to the Bde Hqrs and test the lines there, if no results he would send a man out to fetch me in staying here made me feel VERY CHEERFUL. I don't think, anyhow I got back alright, next order I got was to go out with some of the 1/3 LONDON FUSILIERS T to take up some of the regiment (regt) a very cold and freezing night, no blankets.


November 14th 1915

Arrived at port ALEXANDRIA thought we would disembark here, but alas our hopes were drowned so we had to sail for PORT SAID.


January 13th 1916

Second fight commenced continued till nightfall. Very near got blowed out of MESOPOTAMIA by explosion of big Turkish shell, another two days and 3 nights without a blanket or a bite of grub.


May 4th 1916

Orders sent around to all units that operations would cease owing to the intense heat. All that was done from May to January 1917 was relieving each unit from trenches so that left complete months without any severe fighting.