This web site is about anything and everything from family history to art and projects, and places to visit in the UK and out side the UK.
not about money not about rubbish we have to put up with, but every thing that we forget about were we come from, but about
every thing in life, which we should never every, forget. who we are, our history and our past, we often forget the stories we were told about when we were
children and has we grow older we can't remember why because we were young and got very board but then we think who was my family later in life then it clicks we forgot, so why we remember write it down, or if your family are still around ask them again and then write it down, because some one in your family may ask one day, what are you going to say i never new them.

 Family History


Family history is a way of looking into your family past and where did they come from, what type of work did they do, where did they live, it is so much pleasure and enjoyment to find all this information, i will try and tell you how to research them. Where to find information.

I will give you Links to websites that you can use in your research.

The World of Art


Art is about the way we look at art and the artist in his work and the way he feels when he is painting, what doe's he think about 

The People we never understood 


This is all about the members of the family that we never really know about when they were alive or when they died before we were born or when we were small as children, and the story we loved to listen to.


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